Women’s Power Series


I hope you’ll follow my blog and come back time and time again to join me in clarity, community and connection on all things being female.  It’s such a fun journey.  And my work with coaching, writing and creating the Women Like Us Foundation has been a wonderful journey.  I’m so excited to see what’s next.

NEW-Book-Cover-I’m so glad to meet you and have the opportunity to offer you a downloadable FREE COPY of my book, Women Like Us:  Real Stories and Strategies for Living Your Best Life. Click here for your free copy.

AND, I’m are excited to have you be a part of  the Women’ Power Series.

You’ll find here all four sessions.  I suggest you take them one at a time, do the exercises, then let the thoughts settle in for a while.  When you are ready, proceed to the next session.

It’s when we take the time to listen, really listen, to our own thoughts and get clear on our desires, that we can truly find our power.

I’ve included a couple of of articles I’ve written, too, about being female and finding your best life, I hope you enjoy them. They’re all designed to help you create find power for your own life and career!

So let’s get started!

Women’s Power Series- Session One

Getting Clear and Creating Change

  • Look at your past history
  • Get clear on your direction
  • Define your values
  • Write your personal mission statement.

Getting Clear and Creating Change-Women’s Power Series Session One

Women’s Power Series- Session Two

Barriers to Change

  • Find out what is holding you back from your power
  • Look at change barriers and learn how to combat them
  • Find your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to help you gain your power
  • Discover the possibilities, probabilities and predictabilities for success

Barriers to Change- Women’s Power Series Session Two

Women’s Power Series- Session Three

Creating Your Plan for Change

  • 13 Keys to a Successful Plan
  • Why you MUST gain your power
  • Setting a plan strategy and implementation

Creating Your Change Plan- Women’s Power Series Session Three

Women’s Power Series- Session Four

Evaluating Your Plan

  • Evaluate if your plan is working
  • Find out what could be holding you back
  • Re-write what isn’t working
  • Find support

Evaluating Your Plan- Women’s Power Series Session Four

 And here’s a couple of articles I’ve written to help you along the way.  Just my thoughts on being female, where we are and where we’re going.

Living Your Life with Poise

Stand Up and Talk Like a Girl

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