“Linda speaks from her heart and uses her prior experiences to inspire women. Her comfortable, soft-spoken speaking style makes every listener feel as if she’s in Linda’s living room, chatting with a friend.”
-Dr. Emily Frank

The Carmel Clinic

“…Move over Oprah! Linda Rendleman has a charismatic personality that captivates a crowd as well as takes them to high personal levels. She is not only a dynamic speaker that exudes personality and charm, but her content is always creative and meaningful for her audience.”
-Dr. Sally Brown

Ambassadors for Children

“Energy and enthusiasm abound in Linda’s presentations. Her skill with involving her audience and a knack for developing good information into an understandable format makes her a “spot on” speaker for my event.”
-Jim Cahill, M.S.

Los Angeles County Schools

“Linda Rendleman brings fun, experience and thoughtful discussion into all her training
and speaking settings. She facilitates a room full of ordinary events into extraordinary
-Ron Sukenick

Speaker and Author, The Power is in the Connection

Linda recently spoke to the Junior League of Indianapolis on Leadership.  She was interactive, motivational and very well received. She customized her presentation to fit the needs of our women. Linda is a true friend to Women…”
Elizabeth Eckert Junior League of Indianapolis- Leadership Committee Member

“Linda understands women’s issues, how women think, and how women succeed. Linda Rendleman conveys professionalism, strength, inspiration and enthusiasm to women everywhere.
Her strengths shined brightly when I recently shared the podium with her in Richmond, Virginia.  Her wonderful book, Women Like Us, details strategies for success in any circumstance.  Her inspiring stories motivated and encouraged everyone in the room that day.”
Dr. Lynne Kohm
Professor, Regent University School of Law

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