Speaking Topics

“…Move over Oprah! Linda Rendleman has a charismatic personality that captivates a crowd as well as takes them to high personal levels. She is not only a dynamic speaker that exudes personality and charm, but her content is always creative and meaningful for her audience.”

Changing the World…and Doing it with Poise.

It’s the power of the feminine.  Women are using their unique femininity to effect change and make the world a better place. Whether it’s on a large scale or simply in their own backyard. And their doing it with Poise!  In this humorous, yet thoughtful presentation, Linda explores  how to be an agent for the greater good, do it with elegance, grace with a big dose of perseverance.  Your audience will learn how to identify their passion, put purpose to it , persevere to accomplish it’s goal and do it with Poise.

Change Your Life with the 5 P’s.

Based on my book, Women Like Us Illuminating the World, I motivate the audience to understand that whether you are creating change in a birthing center in Africa, or planting flowers in your own back yard, you, too, can make a difference in the lives of others.  “Women are lighting up the world through initiatives that make a difference for us all.  I share stories about my own life as a single mom and a cancer survivor, plus the development of my own foundation as I was battling thisdisease, and more.  You’ll hear remarkable stories of other women who have found their path to creating change in the world, and learn the 5 P’s of creating a direction in your own life for making a difference.

Your Life can be Fabulous…Forever! …with these 9 strategies.

I love this one! I use humor and enthusiasm as I bring your audience through 9 strategies for achieving their very best life.  Through real and compelling examples from my own life as a cancer survivor, single mother and champion of women, along with real stories of women in my book Women Like Us Real Stories and Strategies for Living Your Best Life, your audience will  understand and be motivated that life is about choice, the power of practicing forgiveness, the gratitude that comes from giving back, and the strength of pursuing your passions.


Women are Like Rubber.  Just Watch us Bounce Back.

In this talk, I share my personal cancer survival story, 14 years of caretaking of my Mother with Alzheimer’s disease, my stay in an Ashram in India and myown personal relationship trials in this powerful speech. My passionate message and my belief in Victor Frankl’s philosophy, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, that “you are never hopelessly or helplessly lost” is conveyed to the audience with energy and humor. Your audience will learn how to find the good in any situation, how to understand that not all circumstances are as tragic as we think they are, how I learned the gift of my mother’s Alzheimer’s disease, how to interpret events in your own life to find growth and comfort, and how to find an attitude within yourself to create positive change and happiness.

 Leadership is for Girls!

Women leaders are emerging everywhere.  And what’s the one thing that makes them move ahead and stand out more than anything?  It’s communication.  We, as women have the natural talents of listening, empathizing, communicating and collaborating that make our leadership impactful.  Your audience will do self-evaluations on their leadership style, take inventory of their communication styles and participate in a personal overhaul to make them the best leaders they can be!

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