Some Women Don’t Get It

This is a blog I wrote about 8 years ago.  Seems to still apply.  Support one another…not because we are women but because we are half of humanity and must stand up for equal rights for equal pay for equal abilities.

The following is an excerpt from Linda Rendleman’s book, Women Like Us: Real Stories and Strategies for Living Your Best Life.

Some Women Don’t Get It…they fear losing their place..

Despite our efforts to promote women in the workplace, to argue for equal pay, women currently lag behind men at somewhere around 70%. And to stand firm in support of the female qualities that help build the businesses of this country, we still struggle. We struggle womenhandholdingwith stereotypes that women are the servicers of business and men are the leaders. It is my firm belief that one of the reasons small businesses are being started by women at a faster pace than ever in our history is because we are not given the full opportunity in the workplace. We have discovered that we can create our own equality and our own quality of life by working for ourselves. Indeed according to the SBA, 80% of inquiries for start up loans for businesses are from women.

When CEO of Mattel Toys, Jill Ballard, was asked to step down because of plunging profits she became known as the woman who couldn’t run a huge company. And others were quick to say that her loss of status was proof that women cannot be CEO’s, are not capable of leading corporate growth and not yet ready for the “big leagues” in the business world. When companies run by men get into trouble the men simply move on and get another position as a CEO somewhere else. When it happens to women, we take a bigger hit to the female race. My question is this: How did Jill Ballard get to be CEO anyway? She must have done something pretty amazing in her career to get to the top of a large corporation, don’t you think? Hmmm…?.

We can point fingers at the corporate structure. We can point fingers at the men, the so-called “penal power” that has been so much a part of our business culture. But women must take a hard look at our own group and support systems. I believe that some women just don’t get it. And I’m thankful for the ones that do.

There are women everywhere who pay lip service to supporting other women in the workplace; assisting women in developing a business and climbing the ladder of success, achieving goals and fulfilling dreams. But how many of them really act on it? How many, when given the opportunity to choose, select a man over a woman for a business relationship? If a woman is equally as capable, how many of her own elk consider her? The activities and opportunities for development of the professional woman abound. There is an ample number of business organizations, networking magazines, luncheons, and networking events, not for profit events and more available for us to connect and develop ourselves both personally and professionally. Yet sadly there are some women who organize and run these events, which attend these functions and run these companies who have no real interest in benefiting and bringing women forward. They don’t care about promoting and supporting their own gender. In fact, they set themselves up as supporting other women when, indeed, they want the attention of the corporate male because they still feel that the men have the power. When given an opportunity to bring a woman along to their own level earned, they are reticent. They become jealous. They become closed. They want to be “Queen of the Hill” and another woman is threatening to them. They fear loosing their place.

Men notice this. It is my belief that men notice what women say about each other. When women support one another we are strong. If we talk behind another woman’s back to a man we are perpetuating stereotypes that women are weak. When we harm one woman we are ultimately harming ourselves.

When a woman makes strides its good for all of us. When a woman is set back, it hurts us all. We all drop back.

We are living in an exciting time for women. No matter your politics, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin are making history for us all. And a woman as President of the United States is so exciting it makes my heart beat faster. Danika Patrick and Sarah Fisher are bringing women forward in another “man’s game”, the world of auto racing. Women all over the world are earning spots as heads of companies, leaders of large corporations and successful entrepreneurs in the fields of science, technology, the arts, sports and the spiritual realm.

These are grand women. They are paving the way for us all. Get on their team. Get on the team of promoting and supporting women everywhere as we move ourselves forward in this 21st Century. Be a part of taking women forward by what you say and back it up with your actions and deeds.


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