Full Length Mirror

I watched a video tape of Oprah when she spoke at a women’s conference in San Francisco.  It was many years ago.  In fact, I think it was at least a decade ago when it was sent to me.  Yet every so often I get it out and re-watch.  The words on that particular day still inspire me.

It’s about focusing on what matters.  It’s about making your life meaningful by getting straight on where you’re at, where you’re headed…and self acceptance.  She talks about taking a good look at your self in a full length mirror. Literally or simply figuratively, I agree it’s a good practice.

I’ve said it before.  Evaluating what really matters to you is key.  But sometimes, like now, I need to remind myself.  Are you that way, too?  Getting back to the basics keeps me grounded.  And when my life gets lopsided, it may take me a while to realize i need another look…that look in the full length mirror at my own life, my own self…who I am and where I got lost…how to get back.

My last blog, was about change and how weepy I felt after the holidays.  Once I understood why…putting my beautiful grandchildren on a plane back to Indy, feeling an emptiness after a great 10 days with all the people I love in the world, a sort of depression sunk in.  But in understanding, I started pulling out of it.  I had to take that full length mirror look.

My family at Chrismas, 2012 minus my son and family in Indiana (new baby)
My family at Chrismas, 2012 minus my son and family in Indiana (new baby)

Sometimes it simply means stopping.  There’s nothing wrong with an entire day of quiet, an entire weekend of pampering your own soul, journaling, reading, thinking…and when I do that, I feel a real inner excitement emerging in my heart and being.  I love it that I can really truly be in charge of my choices, my thoughts and my actions.  I AM the one who decides.

It’s a powerful way to live.  I suggest if you haven’t taken that long look at yourself, do it.  You may love what you find.  For me, it’s self love and a certain sense of peace that this life is love…love for me and love for the world.

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