Breathe!…Just Breathe!

Breathe!  Just Breathe!
Breathe! Just Breathe!

I believe this:  Our stories are singular…our passions are shared.  We are all women and as a sisterhood we experience many of the same feelings and passions…yet our stories are our own…our passions are the same.

I’m thrilled you’ve found my blog.  And thanks for reading my rantings, my thoughts, my views of how I see the world, my life and realize, like me, that the connections we have as women are vast and voluminous.

This is a picture of me when we were in Hawaii.  I love to travel.  I have on my shirt from when I traveled to India and lived in an Ashram.  It always makes me feel a sense of freedom.  Why is it that things we put on our bodies sometimes take us to a different place, a different demeanor…encourage us to open up another part of ourselves?

I invite you to make comments, take my ideas to task, support or  refute what I have to say.  It’s all fair game.  I love a good discourse!

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