Getting in Your Own Way

Here’s me, my sister in law Deb and good friend Judy…just letting it be in Hawaii. A different vibe, a change of routine helps

Maybe some of you have had frustrations.  Maybe some of you, too, have been at times a little crazy from juggling too many things, coming up against barrier after barrier, and yet not understanding why?  Have you felt the frustrations of working really hard toward what you think are good and honorable goals only to find door after door closing in your face?

Does this seem to be your life lately?  Hard work gets harder and celebrations get fewer.  Things seem out of control, no matter how hard you try to keep them going in the direction you want>   Reminds me of a story I used to read to my children about Tootles the train

Now, this is not the “I Think I Can” story.  No, not that train.  Tootles was a lovely little train who hung out with all the bigger, more powerful, more serious trains.  They had jobs to do, box cars to pull and places to go.  Tootles was training for being a big ole responsible train just like them.  But Tootles had trouble being so serious, following those important rules, and “staying on the tracks”…The big, accomplished trains told Tootles every day that he simply MUST stay on the tracks” mo matter what”.    Tootles kept playing in the meadow, smelling the flowers, and chasing the bumble bees.  At his young train engine life, Tootles already knew the importance of relaxing and taking joy in the simpler moments of his life.

Tootles’ story teaches us to stay focused on our goals, but to take life less seriously, unlike many of his stern colleagues, the bigger more important trains…to, as my friend Dr. Sue Morter says in her piece in my book, just Sit Down.  To enjoy the day…the quiet moments and the goodness our days bring to us.

Remembering that story, and discussing my own frustrations with my friend recently, the light bulb went off!  I’ve been getting in my own way…simply getting in my own way and blocking the good things that are trying to get to me.  Do you get it?  Does that happen to you?  Do you get in your own way like I do?

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